Message from the PGA

Dear delegates, admin staff, student officers, directors, and guests,

Welcome to the 10th Annual Session of UNIS MUN!

It is an absolute pleasure to serve as your President of the General Assembly for this year’s Annual Invitational Conference at UNIS Hanoi. Continuing the traditions of UNIS MUN’s previous Presidents, I would like to give a warm welcoming message to all participants of this conference.

Gathered here at this conference are the world’s future leaders cooperating and debating to acknowledge and comprehend various global issues at hand. The lively debates that will happen for the next few days are an important step you will take on your road to create a better tomorrow. With this year’s UNISMUN theme being “Our World: Taking Care of Our Homes!”, the conference will be centered on creating peaceful solutions and comprehensive actions regarding the world’s political, social, economic and environmental issues.

I hope to see all delegates engaging in the debates and striving to be the best advocates and ambassadors of your countries. Be inspired by each other and be each other’s inspiration. Be mindful and respectful towards the different cultures you will be surrounded by during this conference. Speak with reason and confidence, and let yourself grow in the diverse knowledge that you will be exposed to.

I would lastly like to quote António Manuel, the current Secretary General of the UN: “In times of insecurity, when people feel uncertain about their future, when anxieties and fears are promoted and exploited by political populists, old-fashioned nationalists or religious fundamentalists, the success of the UN and the international community lies in our common commitment to our common values”.

Good luck, and enjoy the conference!

Phuong Le

President of the General Assembly