Student Officers

Co-Secretary Generals

Jina Park

The 10th Annual Session of the UNIS MUN Conference would like to present Jina Park as its Co-Secretary General. She is a junior at UNIS, and this is her fourth year participating in MUN. Apart from passionately partaking in MUN including UNISMUN and THIMUN Singapore, her other hobbies include watching movies, playing badminton, and listening to music.



Amani Parvathaneni 

The 10th Annual Session of the UNIS MUN Conference would like to present Amani Parvathaneni as its Co-Secretary General. This being her Junior year at UNIS Hanoi, Amani’s interests lie in student government, debate, and of course, MUN, having participated in over 6 conferences thus far. Having taken on roles as both a chair, and a delegate, she is excited to foresee the enthralling debates that are to take place, and looks forward to meeting delegates and student officers that share the same passion.



President of the General Assembly 

Phuong Le

The 10th Annual Session of the UNIS MUN Conference would like to present Phuong Le as its President of the General Assembly. Currently in Grade 11, Phuong Le is an MUN enthusiast who has participated as the delegate of Pakistan in Human Rights Council during last year’s conference. Outside of MUN, Phuong is also involved in many activities such as choir, musicals, sports and his own service-learning group. He loves photography, likes watching movies and listening to music. Although being a President is new to him, he looks forward to seeing the lively debates and new friendships made during this conference. 






 Co-Secretary Generals

Jina Park & Amani Parvathaneni

UNIS Hanoi

 President of the General Assembly

Phuong Le

UNIS Hanoi

 President of the Security Council

Minh Quan Do

UNIS Hanoi 
 Deputy President of the Security Council

Stanley Wang

 President of Human Rights Council

Frank Lee

 UNIS Hanoi
 Deputy President of Human Rights Council

Bao Quoc Pham

 Head Chair of Crisis Council

Long Than

UNIS Hanoi
 Deputy Chair of Crisis Council

Won Jun Yang

 Head Chair of Special Committee

Madelief van Pelt

UNIS Hanoi 
 Deputy Chair of Special Committee

Sam Koutelli

 Head Chair of General Assembly 1

Ha Nguyen

UNIS Hanoi 
 Deputy Chair of General Assembly 1

Martin Boulo

Lycée Yersin
 Head Chair of General Assembly 2

Linh Nguyen

UNIS Hanoi
 Deputy Chair of General Assembly 2

Soo Min Ryou

 Head Chair of General Assembly 3

Shin Young Kim

UNIS Hanoi
 Deputy Chair of General Assembly 3

Tom Lee