The Administration Team

Equivalent to the UN Secretariat, the MUN Administration Team is a group of student volunteers who handle the day-to-day operation of the conference along with assisting delegates. From placards to speakers, it is the Admin team’s job to make sure the conference run as smoothly as possible. Starting their roles long before the conference, and the last to leave it, any MUN conference would not be possible without the hard work that the whole Administration Team has put into it.

The 10th Annual Session of the UNIS MUN Conference would like to present Bea Campilan as its Head of Admin. Currently in her junior year, she has been a part of the MUN Admin Team for three years here at UNIS Hanoi. Outside of MUN, Bea is an Officer on the HS Senate and a performing arts enthusiast, having been an active participant of orchestras, choirs, dance groups, and musicals both in and outside of school since she was young. Having worked with both the Leadership Team and the Admin Staff, she is proud to be taking the lead of the administration team and is working hard to make sure the conference goes as smoothly as possible.

The 10th Annual Session of the UNIS MUN Conference would like to present Thu Giang Pham as its Deputy Head of Admin. She is currently in 10th grade and has had two past experiences with MUN, one being a delegate and the other being a photographer. She is very honoured to be on the Admin Team this year. Working with the Head, Bea, has made this experience much more enjoyable for her. Giang has learned throughout her time spent with the team that being an Admin is much harder than one thinks, but at the same time it is very fun and she hopes everyone will find something they enjoy during these conferences as she did. As the Co-Head, she wishes to make this year MUN a wonderful experience for everyone.”