Student Code of Conduct

UNIS has established a code of conduct for all students participating in the UNIS MUN Conference. The purpose of this code of conduct is to encourage students to engage in healthy and responsible behaviors that will enhance their participation in the event. By virtue of the fact that students have chosen to participate in this MUN Conference, it is assumed that they are serious about what will take place during this event and that they are mature enough to respect others and the expectations that have been placed on them. Failure to follow the code of conduct may result in (a) participants being suspended from further participation, (b) being sent home at their own expense, and (c) their school not being invited to future sessions. Further, non-MUN related consequences may also be enforced by the student’s own school, after the conclusion of the conference. Activities which are hazardous to the health and safety of a student and those around him or her cannot be condoned. Policies have been developed to help students make responsible and appropriate choices. The following are some of the general policies.

Smoking, Alcohol and Narcotic Drugs

The use of tobacco, drinking and/or possession of alcohol, or use and/or possession of illegal drugs are strictly forbidden during travel or while in Hanoi during the period of time covered by this UNIS activity.

Exploration of the Local Environment & Unscheduled Activities

Any sight-seeing or travel in the host city will be done only with the permission of the student’s MUN Director. Students may not participate in unscheduled activities on their own or in groups without the express permission of their respective chaperons. Guests are expected to be considerate of how their actions may affect their School reputation. Clear and effective communication between guest and chaperon needs to be in place.

Local Transportation

Travel to and from conference events will be provided. Students are not to be transported in cyclos or motorbikes. Exceptions, if any, will be communicated by the host school.

Curfew and Telephone Checks

There will be a 22:00 (10pm) curfew each night of the conference for all participants in the event – unless otherwise announced by the Event Organizer. Students are expected to be at their own home or at the hotel by curfew. Telephone checks for all participants, including students from Hanoi, should be made by each school on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights to enforce the curfew. Chaperones will speak to each individual student. Host families and chaperones are expected to report any curfew violations to the Event Organizer or the UNIS Director of Activities.

Dress Code

As a simulation of United Nations proceedings, the personal appearance of all participants during the conference should be appropriate for a professional setting. The dress code can be phrased as “Business”, “Formal” or “Smart” attire. Male participants will wear long sleeve dress shirts, tie, trousers, jackets and dress shoes, black or brown preferred. [No running shoes, sandals, flip-flops, etc.] Female participants will wear a dress, or a skirt / trousers with a dress shirt and dress shoes / sandals. Modest and diplomatically appropriate is the key.

General Behavior

  1. If any behavior violation occurs, the Event Organizer will communicate the details of the violation, in writing, to the guest student’s chaperone and Head of School.
  2. Students are expected to follow the rules and must attend the scheduled activities as listed in the program.
  3. Students may not use any medications unless prescribed and / or administered by a licensed medical physician, host school medical personnel or cleared and recorded by the Event Organizer.
  4. All UNIS school rules related to behavior and conduct are in affect for the duration of this event.

Under no circumstances will housing arrangements be changed without permission of the host school and the knowledge of the visiting chaperone. All laws of the host country will be adhered to. Any unusual circumstances or problems that occur during the stay in Hanoi will be reported as soon as possible to the host school and visiting chaperone.